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Article Reporting high ping / latency / lags
Before reporting make sure you are playing with cl_forcepreload 1 setting in csgo to take care of stutters and random lags. Addionally make sure...
Views: 67948
Article Performance kit
Performance kit is an options that will enable 128 tick on csgo will bring many different improvements to your gameserver. This option trigger...
Views: 24150
Article Locations
To test the network on a specific location we provide you a free testserver with no commitment! Contact us to request a free test or to have our...
Views: 12031
Article HiperZ control panel
There are too many things to describe.. Register and open a ticket requesting a free trial to find out all the gorgeous things available in the...
Views: 8481
Article Bitcoin
We are accepting payments in bitcoinsBitcoin is best virtual currency actually around. The most known places to convert your EUR/dollars to...
Views: 8240

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