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Article CS:GO / TF2 / CSS net_graph
If you feel lags or poor performance in your CS:GO / team fortress 2 / css server please enable...
Views: 3196
Article How to admin CSGO server
  Join your server Open the console  Type: rcon_password rconpassword and press enter...
Views: 3873
Article Prevent Call of duty servers hacking
This suggestions are outdatet... all our servers are now automatically protected, no need to...
Views: 2674
Article Reporting high ping / latency / lags
Before reporting make sure you are playing with cl_forcepreload 1 setting in csgo to take care of...
Views: 67948
Article Steam csgo server token
1) open this page: https://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers2) compile it in this way (App...
Views: 5776
Article Team Fortress 2 demos and logs
Directly from within the control panel you can automatically upload your gameserver logs to...
Views: 1821
Article Teamspeak 3 - gametracker
In order to allow gametracker to function properly on your teamspeak server you need to allow the...
Views: 3287

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