Steam csgo server token

1) open this page:

2) compile it in this way (App ID: 730, memo: hiperz)

3) click create and get your token (each server must have its own token)

4) go on this page:

5) type there your newly generated TOKEN and save

CSGO server guidelines:

Your token is wiped from our systems as soon as your server expires.
You can change the token from the "special operations" page from the CP everytime you wish - changing the token will replace the existing one and restart the server

Why this?
Valve introduced this specific requirements so each server must be identified with directly relation to a steam account via a token
We provide the servers with our usual quality, but we are not responsible about the plugins you will run on your server.

Basically in this way steam will police the servers and they will ban tokens abusing plugins.

If you have any question about how this system works you should contact them from this page

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