Games list and reinstallation

You can manage your gameserver as you wish.

From the control panel you will be able to re-install and change the game as many times as you want (if your gameserver offer includes multiple games)

The game change/reinstallation can be done with just two clicks, it's fully automated and it completes within few minutes.


This is the complete list of the games currently supported

(the list is a constant work in progress, we are constatly adding new games, if you would like to see a spefic game just drop us an email)

  • Battlefield 2142
  • Call of Duty
  • Call of Duty 2
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty 5: World at Warfare
  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Day Of Defeat
  • Day of Defeat: Source
  • Enemy Territory
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
  • GTA San Andreas Multiplayer - SA:MP
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Medal of Honor Allied Assault
  • Medal of Honor Spearhead
  • Mumble Voiceserver
  • Quake3
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Teeworlds
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Unreal Tournament 3
  • Urban Terror
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