Performance kit

Performance kit is an options that in additional to enabling 128 tick on csgo will bring many different improvements to your gameserver.

This option trigger many special exclusive funtions built into our infrastructure.

This options gives you the best boost and allows you to have a smooth, top performance gameserver.

A standard csgo 128tick competitors server:
One of our csgo servers with performance kit:

Compare the server VAR and spot the difference.

Some tech explanation is here:

What does this option do?

  • Enable the server to work with highest FPS possible (enable 1000fps / 128ticks and so on, based on the game)
  • Enable pingboost (if available in the game)
  • Stabilize FPS fluctuation (better hit registration, less delay differences/ping jitter)
  • Tune process kernel scheduling to provide improved response time
  • Increase the number of CPU cycles reserved to your gameserver resulting in smoother gameplay even under very high load or while playing in complex maps with many users online
  • Reduce the number of kernel context-switching improving software responsiveness

We highly suggest this option to everyone that will plan to play professional matches

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