Our infrastructure is completely based on open source software.

We choose the open source path mainly for two reasons:

  • we can costumize everything from the ground up
  • we spend less money with licensing fees and use such money to buy more hardware and higher quality bandwidth in order to offer better services

All our servers are based on a custom linux distribution running a custom kernel specifically built for low latencies environment.

All our servers are based on Intel hardware, detailed specs vary from machine.

All the servers are directly connected to the internet with 1gbit / 10gbit dedicated links.
We also have an ultrafast private network linking all our servers together regardless of the location.

The whole infrastructure is managed by a centralized system that we code and maintain directly (no 3rd party involved).
Our system is specifically coded to produce NO ADDITIONAL LOAD to the machine running the gameservers as all the heavy operations are done "offsite" using "service machines" thus allowing the best performance possible

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