Prevent Call of duty servers hacking

This suggestions are outdatet... all our servers are now automatically protected, no need to modify the config :)




Due to a bug in the quake3 net engine all of Call of Duty games (and other quake3 based games) can be hacked if certain criterias are not met.

The hacking constist in the recovery of the server con password.

disable files download:

  1. in the cp go into the section "modify config"
  2. search for set sv_allowdownload "1"
  3. change to set sv_allowdownload "0"


for rcon password on the fly:

  1. disable server logging into your config (set logfile "0")
  2. start your gameserver
  3. go into the "rcon" section available in the cp
  4. use the form in there to set a new rcon password different to the one you set into the config file.


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